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Featured in the Molyjam arcade at the April one-year anniversary of GameDevDrinkUp in Los Angeles.

@petermolydeux on Molydeuxsa:

I'm not joking, this was one of the most fun games in the Jam yet it hasn't been mentioned. I couldn't stop playing it until I completed it.

Greonhal of the Valiant Gamers posted a video playthrough and review praising the "excellent interpretation of the tweet", and calling the constraint of Molydeuxsa's visual presence "magical".

Arrow Keys: Move with suction cups
Space Bar: Attack with sword
Release all keys to wash windows automatically with squeegee

Objective: Defeat Molydeuxsa. Stay above the moving platform for safety.

Story: In ancient Greece, brave Perseus beheaded the dreaded Gorgon, Medusa. In 2012, brave Percy the window-washer catches the image of a woman with snakes instead of hair reflected in his washed windows. Molydeuxsa has come for revenge! Wielding his squeegee interchangeably with his adamantine sword passed down through the generations, Percy must find and slay the Gorgon Molydeuxsa, fulfilling his destiny.